Rich Reeves – Guitar & Vocals






Favourite drink?

“Cider or anything with rum”

Favourite guitar?

“Fender Telecaster”

Best gig or concert you’ve been to?

“Biffy Clyro at Brixton”

Best gig buffet?

“Amanda and Frank’s wedding”

When did you start playing guitar?

“1997 while I was at college”

Most embarrassing gig moment?

“Throwing my guitar off the stage because it wouldn’t work”

Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix have a guitar duel…Who would win?

“Jimmy Page”

What did you have for breakfast?

“Scrambled eggs and English muffins”

Any Pets?

“Martin Hughes”

Favourite song to play live?

“Helicopter by Bloc Party”

What’s the last album you bought?

“Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool”

What music are listening to now?

“My own playlist on Spotify, Wolf Alice and Catfish and the Bottlemen”